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Hostel Lípa

Our family hostel is situated near centre of Prague in Zizkov quarter. Zizkov is lively neighborhood. You can find many bars and pubs in this area. Our hostel is good base camp to get to know all parts of Prague. It takes 8 minutes by bus to the Old town.

Next to our hostel is friendly and cheap rental of bikes.

We don't prepare breakfasts but supermarket is not far and we can recommend you places for breakfast. Always you can find free cornflakes in the hostel.

Free coffee and tea

We know all Prague very well and we can help you to enjoy your stay in Prague.

We are located next to large park Vítkov and bicycle path.

Non smoking hostel (downstairs is a courtyard for smoking).

We don't have a permanent reception so please send us your arrival time in advance by email, or call us.

Free wi-fi and computer with internet access.

Free using of laundry, towels, hair dryer...

Full equiped kitchen (microwave oven, fridge, freezer, classic oven, electric stove, dishwasher, electric kettle and normal dishes, pots, pan...)

Parking: There is a lockable parking place in the yard, the fee being 200 CZK (8 Euros) / 24 hours.

Zizkov quarter

Even in a year 1850 you would find just few agrarian farmsteads and vineyards in Žižkov. In a year 1865 Mr. Karel Hartig (1st mayor) drew a regulative plan of this area and thus started a dynamic construction era in which during 30 years a new town of Žižkov came to existence. At the turn of 19th and 20th century Žižkov became the fourth biggest town in Bohemia. The name of Žižkov is inspired by a Hussite warrior Jan Žižka (1360-1424). The majority of other local streets are also named after events of presons of the Hussite movement.

The inhabitants of Žižkov used to work as workmen, traders, clerks and craftsmen. The density of population was much bigger than it is today (for example in this house- Hostel Lipa- used to live 100 people. Now it is only 40 people.) Žižkov was and still is a very distinctive part of Prague. Even today people call it a Free Republic of Žižkov and all the locals are very proud of it.

Since the 1960‘s the communist government was moving gypsy families into this area which changed the character of Žižkov for many years to come. You can find just few of these families living here today but even in a year 1990 there were little gypsy kids running around the streets naked while their parents stood nearby playing guitars.

In the 1980’s redevelopment hit the Žižkov area and about one fourth of old buildings was destroyed. and replaced by high-rise apartment buildings. The whole Žižkov area was planned to be destroyed but the locals protested heavily and saved their neighborhood. Žižkov is now a place where you find the most pubs in Prague and which is preffered and liked especiallyby young people. Some call it the Montmartre of Prague.

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